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QO-100 is soon two years in very successful operation. It covers almost half of the earth's surface and thanks to its very stable propagation conditions it offers excellent radio communication and this 24h a day and 7 days a week. So far it has been used mainly in CW/SSB and DATV. To stimulate the use of other digital modes, DJØABR has developed the “Highspeed Multimedia Modem” software.

The multimedia high-speed modem is used for fast digital data transmission in a max. 2.7 kHz wide SSB channel. It was developed primarily for the QO-100 satellite, but can also be used on other bands. Which data can be transferred?

   • Images (automatic scaling in several quality levels)
   • Text files
   • HTML (web) pages
   • Binary files or any file
   • Speech, digitized with two selectable codecs

the op-mode RTTY is also supported.

Transfer Speed

When using an amateur radio transceiver: up to 6000 bit / s
When using SDR solutions (SDR console): up to 7200 bit / s
Detailed information can be found in the Amsat Journal 4Q20 or on the Internet (see links in the sidebar)

HS Modem

Test transmissions regularly on 10489.580 MHz

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